Exploring the Depths of Holistic Well-Being:

Exclusive Interview with Anna Ewa Parkman

Anna Ewa Parkman, a name that embodies a fusion of heritage and personal choices, reflects the journey of a versatile and accomplished individual. Born and raised in the culturally rich city of Saint Petersburg, Russia, Anna's childhood was shaped by early exposure to the works of psychological giants such as Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, delving into the intricacies of the human mind.

From the age of 9, Anna immersed herself in the world of psychological literature, captivated by Raymond Moody's book, "Life After Life." This early intellectual stimulation accelerated her maturity and laid the groundwork for a life devoted to understanding the nuances of human consciousness.

Anna's professional journey mirrors her inherent curiosity and passion for continuous learning. Trained in public relations and advertising, her initial career saw her contributing to the field of advertising. However, her true calling emerged when she delved into areas such as psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, access bars, bioenergy, energy coaching, meditation, health coaching, and nutrition. She consolidates this multifaceted expertise under the title of Mentor, a role she embraces with dedication.

Key moments in Anna's career include the development of a powerful methodology for forgiveness and healing childhood traumas, articulated in her widely recognized book, "Apocalyptin." This milestone thrust her into the spotlight, establishing her as a respected figure in the field of holistic well-being.

Anna's approach to her work is holistic, recognizing the inseparable connection between the soul, psyche, and body. Her commitment to addressing all aspects of an individual's life sets her apart, ensuring a comprehensive approach to personal growth and healing.

Among her proudest achievements are the transformative results achieved with her clients and the upcoming release of a children's book featuring therapeutic tales. Anna is also poised to launch mobile applications, consolidate her in-depth knowledge, and expand her reach with children's literature.

Instagram: @annaewa_parkman

Balancing professional success with her personal life, Anna remains committed to ongoing projects. As Mrs. Florida 21-22, she shares her secrets for maintaining youth, beauty, and a healthy lifestyle in an upcoming ebook. Venturing into the realm of music, she addresses relationship issues through songs, leveraging her psychological expertise.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Anna nurtures a passion for jewelry creation, symbolizing her commitment to beauty and aesthetics. With an ever-evolving spirit, Anna's goal is clear: to illuminate the most effective and efficient paths for people to improve their lives, offering a blend of profound knowledge, beauty, and aesthetics to the world.


1) What is your full name and its origin?

Anna Ewa Parkman. I used to have a last name of my husband, but when I was writing my book, I decided to use the name of my mother's family. When I became known, I officially adopted my family name, Parkman.

2) Where were you born and in which city did you grow up?

I was born and raised in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

3) What were the influences or defining events of your childhood?

I started reading psychological books in the school's library at the age of 9, delving into the works of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. I was particularly captivated by Raymond Moody's book, "Life After Life," which examines the testimonies of people who have experienced clinical death. These works expanded my mind and maturity at an early age.

4) What is your profession? And how did you develop your passions and interests?

My calling is to bring knowledge to people—knowledge on how to improve themselves, be healthy, happy, and live the life of their dreams. My natural curiosity, inquisitive mind, and passion for constant learning led me to become a professional in psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, access bars, bioenergy, energy coaching, meditation, health coaching, and nutrition. I collectively refer to all of this as my profession, being a Mentor.

5) What were your first jobs or early professional experiences?

My first university education was in PR and advertising, so my initial jobs were at an advertising company.

6) What was your academic background and higher education?

As mentioned before, my first university education was in PR, and the second was in psychology. I also hold numerous certifications in various areas of coaching.

7) What were the key moments of your professional career?

A significant moment was developing a powerful methodology for forgiveness and healing childhood traumas, expressed in my widely recognized book, "Apocalyptin."

8) How would you describe your approach to your work?

A person's life should always be considered as a complex of soul (energy), psyche, and body. Addressing only one aspect is ignorant, and serious work with energy can benefit the psyche and the body. I'm developing as a specialist in all three directions.

9) What professional accomplishments are you most proud of?

Significant results from my work with clients and my book "Apocalyptin." Currently working on a children's book with therapeutic tales and preparing mobile applications to compile my extensive knowledge.

10) What are your future projects or goals?

Launching mobile apps, a children's book, and an ebook on maintaining youth, beauty, and great shape. Venturing into music, preparing songs addressing key relationship issues. Developing my jewelry brand as a hobby.

11) How do you want to be perceived by others?

My goal is to show people the most effective ways to improve their lives, bringing deep knowledge, beauty, and aesthetics to the world.