Beyond the Catwalk:
Elizabeth Victoria Raska's Journey from Figure
Skating to Financial Empowerment

Photographer: Morgane Gielen - (@morganegielen)
Stylist: Cynthia De Blander - (@cynthiadebl_styling)
Model: Elizabeth Victoria Raska - (@elizabethrvictoria)
Agency: No Babes Agency - (


  1. Growing up in Brussels, Belgium, can you describe the cultural influences and experiences that shaped your childhood beyond figure skating?

    Belgium is of course known for chocolates, waffles and beers, but you may not know that Oscar winning actress Audrey Hepburn was actually born in Brussels! When I discovered the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's as a teenager, I decided to find out more about its lead actress. I read about Audrey, and immediately started to connect with her in many ways. I always admired her incredible career in film and her involvement with UNICEF. As a Belgian woman, I am incredibly proud of being born in the same city as her, and I would love to follow a similar path in the media and in philanthropy.

  2. Could you elaborate on the moment you discovered figure skating and its profound impact on your life, leading you to become a competitive figure skater representing Belgium internationally?

    I fell in love with ice skating as a child when gliding on a local Christmas ice rink. Skating made me feel like I could freely express my personality on the ice, so I asked my parents to enroll me in the local figure skating club. Two years later, I won my first title of Champion of Wallonia! Figure skating taught me hard work, determination and not fearing to fall. Indeed, I realized that falling just meant that I had a new opportunity to try again, succeed and shine.

  3. As both an economist and a fashion model, can you delve into how you balance these seemingly contrasting professions and what drives your passion for financial literacy, particularly for young women?

    My experience as an economist and fashion model reflects how multifaceted women can be. My experience proves that you don't have to choose between different aspects of your personality, you can achieve anything you wish. I can be a financial auditor in one the four biggest accounting and consulting firms in the world while simultaneously walking the most glamourous runways in major fashion capitals. And as an economics graduate, I wanted to educate women on the importance of being financially literate, so that they could take control of their own lives. I decided to create my own financial literacy platform on Instagram called @moneywitheli to share short videos that could help women become financially independent.

  1. Reflecting on your early professional experiences, could you share more about how being discovered by Elite Models at the age of 14 shaped your entry into the world of modeling?

    I was doing some window-shopping with my mother on a Saturday afternoon when model scouts from Elite Models spotted me and asked me to take part in their Elite Model Look contest. Walking on the podium that they had installed in the middle of the mall made me realize that I could make modeling my career. Having such a big name to back me up was a blessing. After the contest, I got signed with an agency and started to walk shows. A year or two later, I was walking my first Paris Fashion Week. I really recommend young aspiring models to check model contests, they could skyrocket your career in fashion!

  2. With an Economics degree and a master's degree in Management, how did your academic background, including studying in Tokyo and Belgium, contribute to your multifaceted career?

    My academic background allows me to apply management principles into my own modeling career. I manage my career using everything I have learned in business schools in both Belgium and Japan, which I believe to be a huge contribution to my success. Academia teaches you rigor and meticulous research methods, which are I both use when I am choosing my modeling jobs. When going to a fashion week casting, I always watch the designer's past shows so that I can mold my walk to what they expect to see in their shows. That is how my academic background contributed to my career so far.

  1. Walking for Michael Cinco at Paris Fashion Week is a significant milestone. Can you discuss the impact of this experience on your modeling career and personal growth?

    I always admired Michael Cinco's work as he is the designer of iconic dresses for so many celebrities and beauty pageant titleholders. When I was invited to the casting for his Paris Fashion Week show, I couldn't believe it. As someone who grew up in a small country like Belgium, I was in disbelief that I could potentially get such a big opportunity. I was standing next to supermodels during the audition, which made me realize how amazing that moment was. When I booked the show, I felt so honored and grateful! At first, it seemed impossible for me to be able to be in his show. But he believed in me and invited me to walk for him for a second time in his last Paris Fashion Week show in October. Therefore, I made the impossible happen not once, but twice!

  2. You describe your approach to work as that of an athlete. How do the lessons learned as a competitive figure skater influence your work ethic and approach to challenges in your professional life?

    Figure skating taught me hard work and determination. I may fall, but I will never give up. I apply that approach in my work in both finance and modeling by always giving it my all in every task I'm presented with. I realized as a teenager that failing is just a new opportunity to learn.

  3. Among your professional accomplishments, completing your master's degree in Tokyo stands out. Could you share more about the challenges and enriching experiences of studying and modeling simultaneously in a different cultural setting?

    When I was offered the opportunity of moving to Tokyo, Japan, to complete my master's in management at Sophia University, I was over the moon. I was so glad to have the chance to learn more about Japanese culture. It was very challenging at first as I didn't speak the language and literally moved across the other side of the world on my own, and I felt overwhelmed and lonely for quite some time. However, I made many Japanese friends through working as a fashion model and on studying on campus, which really made my experience in Japan unforgettable.

  4. Your financial literacy platform, @moneywitheli, is a commendable initiative. What inspired you to create it, and what are your aspirations for its development into a business that empowers women to become financially independent?

    As an economist, I believe that it is essential to educate women on the importance of being financially literate. Financial literacy is something everybody can benefit from, especially women. I use my own experience working in finance, which is a male-dominated field, to lead by example. So I decided to create short videos on the @moneywitheli Instagram page to make financial literacy accessible and fun.

  5. What can we wish you for 2024?

    You can wish me to represent Belgium at Miss Supranational 2024 in Poland!