N° 1 : No Pornographic/Violent/Racist/Explicit Nudity Content

I certify that I am over 18 years old and agree to share my information with SIMODEX Magazine.
I authorize SIMODEX Magazine to use my photos for publication and promotion (web & print) purposes only without diversion.

I certify that the information communicated is correct and that I am responsible for any forgotten credit or false information transmitted to SIMODEX Magazine.

I indicate 2 different email to allow SIMODEX Magazine to notify my team and myself of the publication if it is accepted, so as not to miss the information.

I am aware that the submitter's information will not be made public unless explicitly mentioned in the dedicated text document section regarding the credit information of the production team.
It is my responsibility that every person, including the photographer, the model, or any other individual, including the submitter (myself), and their role are mentioned in the "Team Credit Information" section for this purpose.
I cannot hold the magazine responsible in case of omission, and I cannot request modifications for free. Any modification will be charged to account for the mobilization of our teams.

Low-quality and low-resolution photos are not accepted.
Eclair Magazine reserves the right to delete and ban any submitter who does not respect the exclusivity and confidentiality of the submitted photos for the FREE SUBMISSION, and more especially if it causes harm to the magazine that published the photos, believing them to be confidential and exclusive.

The submitted photos may potentially be transferred for publication in Eclair Magazine in addition to or instead of Simodex Magazine if the magazine deems them more suitable for either publication

Any changes to the team credit information due to an error or mistake during submission will incur a fee of $50. It is crucial to verify the communicated information, and we cannot be held responsible for errors made during the submission process. Taking the time to accurately complete the first name, last name, and Instagram account details is of utmost importance.